Schedule of Classes



WOD - intermediate to advanced CrossFit Workout of the Day.


Beginner - Foundations class - done during the first month of CrossFit to teach foundational movements, proper mechanics, and to re-introduce fitness as a lifestyle.

These classes are run concurrently with other classes, and have a coach dedicated to the new folks learning the CrossFit system.


Intermediate - this is the progression our athletes move to after they complete the Foundations classes, and they are open to experienced athletes to get their workout in. This is a continuation of the CrossFit methodology for those just coming out of our Foundations Classes.

Advanced - The next progression, for those working on perfecting movements from gymnastics to Olympic lifts.

Competition - requires passing a standard test to get to the level of the athlete striving to make it to the CrossFit Regional Competition. Talk to John or Coach Dennis about this if you are interested!

Olympic Barbell Club - our awesome coaches Shawn and Tom lead these sessions that concentrate on the different Olympic lifts along with work on other asapects of the movements to practice these important athletic movements.


Ladies Beginner - CrossFit for the beginner to intermediate in a female only class (we are not super strict about this being ladies only).


Parent/Kid Class- These classes are for kids in 3rd through 9th grades to work out with their parents, and learn to have fun while staying fit. Parental presence is mandatory.

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