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Mesa Elite Fitness/CrossFit Los Alamos can help you unleash your inner power, through customized personal fitness training, CrossFit sessions and boot camps, and small group strength and conditioning classes that cater to the discerning client interested in overall fitness and wellness.


Possibly the coolest thing about CrossFit is the sense of community that springs up in the box (CrossFit gyms are frequently referred to as "boxes.") When a small group of people work hard together, and know each others' names, and cheer each other on, a sense of camaraderie develops like you find in few other places.

            What is Crossfit!?


CrossFit is an incredible approach to fitness that starts with nutrition and utilizes constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Your workout may include gymnastic movements, metabolic conditioning, and/or Olympic weightlifting. Mesa Elite Fitness coaches will teach you how to do all this safely and effectively to make the most of your CrossFit experience

           Approach to fitness


From kettlebells to Olympic lifts, Mesa Elite incorporates a vast array of fitness approaches. Plyometrics, weight training, aerobic machines, core training, balance training, you name it, we'll incorporate it in your routine.

            Nutrition Guidance


From Nutrition consultations to supplying you with your supplementary needs Mesa Elite has what you need. We carry Hammer Nutrition and a full range of bodybuilding supplements from Europa Sports to help you reach your full potential!



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